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Like the logo says, it is the first smart cryptocurrency for musicians.  As a music creator every play of your song earns you money.   Your music is paid in cryptocurrency called $Music coins.

Musicoin is an open source project built to support music creators.  This is the world’s first blockchain for music. This type of blockchain allows digital information (music) to be shared but not copied.  The technology contains  “smart contracts”.  When a musician uploads music,  they are asked fill out a “smart contract”.  Co – writers on the song get paid without hassle.

Each time the listener hits the play button the shares of digital currency are collected. Shares are deposited into each participant’s digital wallet, when you click distribute.  Musicoin pays out 100% of the pay per stream, they do not collect any percentage to pay for the platform.


Anyone can go to the site and listen for free . Each artist is  paid for every listen and at a better rate. Rates taken from Forbes.

Streaming Comparisons

Streaming PlatformUnsigned ArtistsSigned Artists
You Tube$0.0006$0.0007
Apple Music$0.0064$0.0073
Google Play$0.0059$0.0068

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Other Benefits Include:

  • Respect for Music- Musicoin gives the highest rates to music creators, 1 coin per play
  • Your content is protected and recorded publicly on the blockchain. You don’t need to worry about copyright infringements. 
  • Smart Contracts allow you to control the revenue share and everyone gets paid without hassle.
  • There is no third party transaction fee.
  • A platform to talk to gather new fans. 
  • Immediately show your appreciation for other musicians by giving tips .
  • Links to your website and/or social media sites.
  • Notification when you  get tipped or someone starts to follow.


This is a totally new idea and platform check it out! You can be one of the firsts, the more musicians the better it is for all of us!


Platform#of Users
Spotify140 Million
Pandora81 Million
Apple Music27 Million
Deezer16 Million
Google10 Million
Napster5 Million
Tidal4 Million
Musicoin1500 +
not even 1 Million

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