5 Great iPhone Apps for Songwriting If you own an iPhone, then you have everything you need to make music, anywhere. These five iphone apps are amazing.  They turn your iphone into a portable a computer in the palm of your hand for the songwriter.    People can now produce music easier than at any point […]

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I am going to continue these shows! I am having fun with this and will find ways to keep it fun!

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peggy whitson

Peggy Whitson circles the earth every 90 minutes, 250 miles above the the ground.   She lives aboard the International Space Station (ISS) traveling 17,5000 miles an hour. Peggy Whitson is a NASA record holder.  May 1st, 2017 logged Peggy’s 541st day in space. 8 spacewalks First female commander       Her NASA biography can be found here […]