I am excited! I Won the Break the Business 7 Note Challenge! Last night I got an email announcing that I was the winner in the Break the Business Podcast’s  7 Note Challenge! The last time I have won anything music related I was 9 months pregnant with my son Forrest and I won a […]

Musicoin KMcLaughlin

WHAT IS MUSICOIN? Like the logo says, it is the first smart cryptocurrency for musicians.  As a music creator every play of your song earns you money.   Your music is paid in cryptocurrency called $Music coins. Musicoin is an open source project built to support music creators.  This is the world’s first blockchain for music. This […]

5 Great iPhone Apps for Songwriting If you own an iPhone, then you have everything you need to make music, anywhere. These five iphone apps are amazing.  They turn your iphone into a portable a computer in the palm of your hand for the songwriter.    People can now produce music easier than at any point […]