5 Great Apps to Create A Song On Your iphone

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5 Great iPhone Apps for Songwriting

If you own an iPhone, then you have everything you need to make music, anywhere.

These five iphone apps are amazing.  They turn your iphone into a portable a computer in the palm of your hand for the songwriter.    People can now produce music easier than at any point in history.  These developers have created apps that make easier to organize lyrics, find chord progressions, create and record your ideas and songs.

These apps can help complete beginners and experienced producers create tracks.
While the iPhone doesn’t have the capabilities of a desktop computer for making music, it is portable and can be used wherever creativity strikes. You no longer have to lose that streak of inspiration.
There are many different music apps in the App Store and you can get lost in the choices. This is a list of my favorites. They are easy to use and work well. In this list I have picked 5 apps that provide you with inspiration and get your ideas down quickly, wherever you may be.


5 Best Songwriting Apps for iphone


Chord Suggester

Price: Free
Easily find chords that work together. Choose your instrument, tempo and key. Choose your scale type and chord types by adding from chord patterns, suggestions or catalog.
The pattern option offers more than ten classic progression 12 bar blues, pop-punk, 50’s, ragtime, i-vi-ii-V. If you don’t know what the last option means you just listen to see if you like it.
Suggested chords show you individual options from the triad, seventh, and more. You are able to hear every chord labeled which also helps with music theory.


Garage Band

Price: Free
Create a song using this production app. Record your sounds using up to 32 tracks. Arrange and mix your song with the ability to use virtual instruments that have a “smart” function that means you’ll never play notes that aren’t in key. Record mutliple times over any song section and choose your favorite using Multi-Take Recording.
The Tracks contain virtual instruments keyboard, drums, strings, bass, guitar drummer and world. Tracks also allows you to record your voice or any sound or plug in your guitar and play through their “amps”. There is an integrated notepad to add comments or lyric ideas.
Songs are easy to share and are updated using iCloud Drive.

Songwriter’s Pad

Price: $9.99

Songwriter’s Pad has been designed by a songwriter is easy to use and contains all the essential tools a songwriter needs. A great app for finding inspiration and writing down your music ideas.
Offers Many Powerful Features of Songwriting:
Write lyrics and create a song freestyle or into sections : then edit sections
Record your melody and its variations
Generate song ideas by mood or phrases
Keep all author information and song information (bpm, mood, etc.) attached the song
Enter the chords to your song
Export your song -Email, Print or Dropbox

Watch How to use Songwriter Pad

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5 Best Songwriting Apps for iphone


Price: Free
This is a great app for finding beats and creating melodies over tracks. Combine beats, basslines, melodies, FX loops and vocals and create music instantly. The sounds are laid out in a grid form each square is a pad that is synchronized so you’ll always be locked into the beat.
Record your dj mixing styles and easily share your new creation on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, Dropbox or email.
Get inspired by making music so easily.


5 Songwriting Apps for iphone

Simple Songwriter

Price: $4.99
This app includes a simple touchscreen for you to tap out the chords you want to use in a song. All the chords given sound great together and most pop/rock songs use a combination of these chords.
This is great for a song idea chord formation. Record, then later practice on your instrument. List view allows you to browse your songs chords, while the key section can transpose your idea to any key instantly.