You Are Not Alone !

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I thought I was alone in how I felt


Sitting in my car, in a parking lot, peering out into the Gulf of Mexico,

I was full of angst. I was unhappy with where I was, not only the location but where my life seemed to be going.

I felt like I had no purpose, no drive, and hated the work I was doing. I gripped the steering wheel and wished the car would take me away from the life I was living.

For a long time I lived like that, moving away, relocating. I kept expecting the new location to give me a sense of peace. I was always left feeling stagnant and unchanged.

Here I sat, in a parked car, with gulf breeze drifting in, sunshine in my face and all I could do was wish I was somewhere else.

My voice started to soothe me with these words:

You got the power to change your world

No matter what your age

no matter what your color

You got the power to change your world

— I finished that song quickly. The words came effortlessly.

I take this song with me always, it is tucked into the pocket of my heart

and I’d like to share it with you.


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