Hi I am Kate McLaughlin.  I know there are many others.  There is one in England and I get her Order Confirmations sent to my gmail account.  That Kate likes mini cars and wool sweaters.

The  Kate I am addressing is myself.  I don’t like talking about myself so you have been warned. I’m not going to write an essay about my life.  My past will be exposed in my music and if I can learn to write it will be in a book one day.

I can say that if you like Shawn Colvin, Bonnie Raitt ( why if you know who they are, than we are probably in the same age bracket! )  Adele and my biggest all time influencer and inspiration, Carole King, then you just might be into what I write and sing.

Here is the info you probably had expected to read:

Kate has  a voice that resonates with what she has experienced.   She has buskered on the streets of Burlington, Vermont , Montreal, Quebec and New York City.  She has performed on the radio, on you tube, in theaters and in festivals. When performing in a crowded noisy restaurant or other type of  venue, her voice weaves into listeners ears and is never ignored. Her voice gains access and is welcomed and received gratefully.
Theres is a story of survival and positivity behind every note of music.  She writes songs to ease the painful stories of her life.  Her songwriting is a window into her life experiences, which has had times of betrayal, heartbreak, eruptions of hidden truths, tragedy, downward spirals of darkness and the magic of hope, love, self-discovery and reconciliation.
She writes songs to encourage action which heals.
Kate is inspired by the genius of clever wordsmiths, poets, songwriters like Carol King, Shawn Colvin and Adele. They all have helped shape her ever growing musical tapestry.
In her musical journey she has been sponsored by Taylor Guitars and Elixir Strings.  Her music has been licensed through Oxygen Media.  She continues her journey with a goal of making a memorable and  enduring impact on those who listen.




“A dynamic vocalist, Kate confounds all expectations of a girl with a guitar…”– Album Review Digest

“A singer-songwriter and master guitarist not bound by genre. Her musical and lyrical adventurousness combines with a distinctive percussive guitar attack that has met with official hosannas…”– Performing Songwriter

“She wraps her expressive voice and poetic musings languidly around twelve folk-pop tracks matching the intimacy and passion of Jewel and Tori Amos and conjuring the sensual soul of Alana Davis and Sarah McLachlan.” – Taylor Guitars reviewing Sunshine from Mars

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